Changing your email address in SOLAR

Changing your email address in SOLAR

All University communications are sent to the Campus email address, so be sure to check your email account regularly. If you have not been issued a campus address or your account has been disabled (e.g. you have graduated and left the campus), communications will be sent to the "Home" address first (if one has been entered), or "Other" automatically. Please keep all email addresses current throughout your time at Stony Brook.

Adding an email address

1.  from the SOLAR Home Page, under Security and Personal Data, click Email Addresses

2.  click the Add An Email Address button

3.  fill out *Email Type and *Email Address, then click the Save button

Deleting an email address

Click on the Delete button and then click Save.  Note:  You cannot delete the Campus email address.

Changing an email address

You can change your Home or Other email address.  You cannot change your Campus address here.  To change your Home or Other email address, highlight all or part of the address and overwrite the *Email Field and then click Save.

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